From Craft Beer to Handcrafted Eyewear

Commercial is out and Craft is in.

Over the past 10 years, our society has evolved from embracing the mass produced to loving the personalized. Labels like “foodie”, “beer snob”, and “hipster” have hit the ground running and there’s no looking back. Craft beer has seemingly made the biggest leap. They say you can tell a lot about a guy based on the type of beer snob he is. Light beer guys are laidback and easygoing while stout drinkers are deep and thoughtful. The same logic translates to eyewear. Craft beer loving foodies are all about having the most unique eyewear possible. Let’s take a look at what your beer type says about the kind of shades you’re most likely to choose this fall.


FB_fall__0045_smIf you always reach for the full and smooth wheat beer, then round styles are your go to. It’s the trendiest pick by far and wheats are trendsetters. The round Ray-Bans are the breakout hit of 2015. It’s easy on the eyes but is still completely different from the traditional Ray-Ban styles that we’ve all come to know and love, making them an ideal choice for the wheat-beer-loving-hipster.


FB_151006_0124_squareThe India Pale Ale has completely transformed the craft beer scene. Each one is unique in its own way but are loved by all who prefer IPAs. Aviator style frames are the IPAs of the eyewear world. Throw out your preconceived notions of the pilot style frames and open your eyes to the myriad of choices available. These Proof Donner sunglasses are the perfect example. Individually handcrafted from Canadian Maple skateboards, these wood sunglasses are what the metrosexual-IPA-beer-snob has long been searching for.



Holding strong through the years, a pilsner is that light and refreshing reliable taste that you know you can always count on. Different fads may come and go but this one is here to stay. If you are perennially faithful to the pilsner, then the ageless wonder browline is the style for you. They’re the classic style that has recently been picked up by this season’s trend radar. Regardless of their current status, browline styles such as these SPY Optic Dexter frames are exactly what the doctor prescribes for the always-dapper-pilsner-loyalist.

_E1U0124 1

Porters are rich, dark, full of flavor, and a beer that not everyone can handle. Those who prefer a porter are guaranteed to reach for a pair of chunky angular frames, one of the emerging trends of this fall. Thick rims give you a bold look that’s an instant conversation starter. These Proof Pledge frames are handcrafted from sustainably sourced wood, making them the perfect choice for the eat-local-porter-loving-foodie.

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