GX and L.A.M.B.: The Perfect Eyewear Duet

If you can’t bear another day in frames you see at every turn, step into the colorful, eclectic world of pop star princess Gwen Stefani. The fashion-forward singer embodies a multi-dimensional style that she’s sharing with the world through eyewear designs that’ll shake up your wardrobe and add the perfect pinch of turbulence to your style.

Stefani boasts two collections of top-notch eyewear gems that fashionistas dream of—edgy and whimsical with notes of tribal, pop, punk and street. Welcome to a world of eyewear that will lift your style out of the doldrums and make your wardrobe the talk of the town.


The gx collection offers vibrant colors with playful patterns and hidden design details for an added pop of amazing. Whether you like an oversized cat-eye frame or a chunky, more collegiate look, this self-assured eyewear isn’t for the faint of heart—these glasses are for the fearless who have nothing to prove and everything to gain. gx eyewear is your unapologetic partner in expressing yourself and the artist living within you

Dramatic and fashion-forward, these GX006 frames by Gwen Stefani will land you in the spotlight—be prepared to shine.

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Teetering right on the edge of unconventional perfection, the high-fashion looks of L.A.M.B. sunglasses are the perfect accessory for anyone with red-carpet envy or who shies away from following the flock. L.A.M.B. is big. L.A.M.B. is bold. L.A.M.B. is unforgiving. These aren’t the glasses you take or leave—these are styles you make a full-blown commitment to. This is love, baby.

Spectacular L.A.M.B. LA507 cat-eye sunglasses are retro at its best.

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