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PROOF in the Wild Wild West

It’s no secret that different regions of the United States each have their own unique style. You’ll find no better evidence of that than taking a quick peruse around a campus. Blazers and layered polos are dime a dozen on the East coast while the Midwest is overrun with hoodies and Northface jackets.  The South takes their cowboy boots very seriously and the West is an eclectic mix of everything. Eyewear certainly doesn’t take a backseat when it comes to varying by region. For this back-to-school season, we’re moving cross-country and taking a closer look at the regional brands that are taking college campuses by storm.

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First stop on our cross-country college road trip is the mountain west region. Boise, Idaho is not only the home of the Boise State Broncos, famous for “the Blue” (the bright blue turf of Albertsons Stadium) but also where up-and-coming PROOF Eyewear was founded. PROOF features three unique collections that are each distinctive in their representation of the mountain west style.

PROOF’s Wood Collection feature prescription and sun frames that are handcrafted from the finest woods available. Ranging from the popular maple to the rich mahogany, all of the wood used by PROOF is also completely sustainable. While these wood frames showcase the outdoorsy and adventurous nature of those who reside in the mountain west, they come in a variety of styles from flirty cat eyes to hip wayfarers so there is something for everyone.

The ECO (Environmental Conscious Optics) Collection is for those who are truly passionate about the environment. These frames are made of 100% biodegradable acetate along with the sustainable wood. The combination of acetate and wood gives these frames fun and vibrant hues while still maintaining that trendy au naturel look.  So whether you’re an adventurous climber or a trendy hipster, PROOF is here for you.

The Skate Collection is the newest member of the PROOF family. Handcrafted from Canadian Maple skateboards, every frame in the skate collection is made to handle the rough and tumble lifestyle of even the most hardcore of adventure seekers. Recycling ultra durable skateboards into significantly stronger sunglasses is a novel idea that just might become the next big thing.  PROOF Eyewear: Helping the mountain west look good since 2011. 

Proof Donner Skate in Tropical Skate Deck
Proof Pledge Wood in Earthtone
Proof Scout Eco in Matte Tortoise

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