VonZipper: Breaking the Status Quo

Founded in 2000, VonZipper is a California-based eyewear and accessories manufacturer that is daring you to live an alternative lifestyle. What began as a band of friends who shared a mutual magnetism to freedom and the do-it-yourself mentality soon turned into a brand that exists to spread that gospel through innovative design, supreme style, and strict attention to the details.

Develop. Design. Deliver.

VonZipper’s mission is to develop, design and deliver premium eyewear to the alternative individual. Along the way, they’re bringing smiles to faces and reaching people with positive declarations of rebellion. This fashion forward lifestyle brand was created to transform sport to fashion, awkwardness to sophistication, and serenity to mayhem. From wave riding renegades to high fashion hipsters and even local varsity superstars, VZ has a style that’s suited for everyone.

Sun Collection


VonZipper Plimpton

VonZipper sunglasses give every traditional shape a modern update. Each pair is made from materials of the highest quality, such as Mazzucchelli hand-tooled acetate and stainless steel optical hinges, and features the latest polarization technologies. At the heart of their sunwear is the Freethinkers Conspiracy Guild Collection. The ultimate challenger of the status quo, all styles in the FCG collection are a result of forward thinking and being more contemporary than ordinary.

Optical Collection


VonZipper Forbidden Fruit

The VonZipper Optical Collection is inviting everyone to be part of the Retina Revolution. A modernization of traditional styles and shapes, each frame features durable double-barrel hinges and an injected wire core. From chunky temples to bright colors to bold shapes, each design brings something different to the table. It’s up to you to decide which pair of glasses defines you the best.


Buying VonZipper also means giving back to the community. VZ has started a fight for sight and you are being recruited to join their Charity for Clarity program. For every pair of optical frames sold, VZ will donate one to a developing nation in need. It’s time to join in on their mission to bring the vision.

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